WGA March Meeting Minutes


March 6, 2017

  • Present were Candye Andrus, Maureen Smith, Carla Bolme and by Facetime, Judy Hayes.
  • Maureen is working on the WGA handbook. In the special events section of the handbook, the Creekside events that are open to WGA members will be listed. It was suggested that the by-laws be included in the handbook also.
  • Judy would like all the board members to review their duties as listed in the by-laws.
  • As of this date there are a total of 74 WGA members.
  • Candye has been keeping the website updated. She suggested adding a section on it where members could view the minutes from board meetings and read the by-laws. She also has a calendar section and will keep it current.
  • Maureen will get a flyer ready for the opening event.
  • Candye has made some postcards promoting the WGA and will put them around the club.

She also acquired the rules books we decided on and has placed them in the locker room.

  • A tentative date for our first “Rules and Rose” was reached. Maureen will check with Danny to confirm.
  • Komen co-chairs will be Judy and Candye. We will get a registration and invitation letter out to the surrounding clubs as soon as possible so we can get on their calendars. The starting time for the event will be at 4:15 this year so it can conclude at an earlier hour.

The next meeting will be April 17th at 5:45 at Paddington’s Pizza.

Respectfully submitted,

Carla Bolme

WGA Secretary