The Spirit of the Game

Be kind. Help if asked. Be supportive. Conduct yourself with good sportswomanship. Its a great old game that makes for a fine walk with a little ball and a set of rules.

Etiquette Guide

  1. Keep the pace – From the time you arrive at the first tee until the time you walk off the 18th green, always be aware of your group’s position in relation to other groups.
  2. Track all balls – follow each player’s ball and make a mental note of the location.
  3. Get to your ball – get there as soon as possible. This gives you more time for club selection and more time to hit.
  4. Take more than one club – taking several clubs ensures you have the right one for the shot. If you’ve taken your putter, always lay the extra club on the edge of the green so it is not forgotten.
  5. Counting Strokes – after you have holed out and placed the flag into the cup, proceed to the next tee.  This is where you record your score not while leaving the green.
  6. Speed up play by putting your clubs in your bag on the next tee.
  7. Repair your ball mark and any that you see on the green.
  8. Replace divots or use sand/seed available at the golf cart barn. The preferred method is to replace divots.
  9. After putting out do not use putter head to remove ball from the cup to avoid damaging the cup.
  10. Keep carts on the path on all par 3 holes and around tees and greens.