Bylaws of the Creekside Women’s Golf Association


Article 1 – Name

The name of the club shall be “The Creekside Golf Club Women’s Golf Association” (hereinafter referred to as the “WGA”).

Article 2 – Purpose

The objectives and purposes of this organization are to promote, foster, regular, develop and conducted activities among the Members of the WGA as follows:

  1. To hold regularly scheduled golf tournaments throughout the year.
  2. To establish and maintain handicaps, according to the Rules of the United States Golf Association, the Oregon Golf Association and the Creekside Golf Club.
  3. To cooperate and comply with the rules and regulations of the United States Golf Association except where local rules prevail.
  4. To develop among the Members a knowledge and appreciation of the rules, traditions and etiquette of golf.

Article 3 – Membership

Section 1.  A member of the WGA shall be any woman who is a current “full golf Member” (hereinafter referred to as “Member”) in good standing at Creekside Golf Club, who has paid current annual dues to the WGA, and who abides by and supports the bylaws and club rules of this organization.

Section 2.  A member must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Section 3.Membership Policy – after the payment of dues, a Member is entitled:

  1. To vote
  2. To serve on committees
  3. To run for board positions

Article 4 – Dues and Fees

Section 1.  Creekside Golf Club shall collect annual dues on behalf of OGA and WGA. The Oregon Golf Association establishes its dues. The WGA Board will determine any adjustment in dues annually.  Included in the dues is a fee assessed by the Oregon Golf Association for maintaining a handicap.  New Members must pay dues before they are eligible to play in any WGA event.  Dues are non-refundable and will not be pro-rated.

Section 2.  Special entry fees may be assessed for major tournaments and/or other WGA events.

Section 3.  The WGA’s Fiscal Year shall be January 1 through December 31.

Article 5 – Handicaps

Section 1.  Members must abide by the current Creekside Golf Club, OGA, and USGA Handicapping Policies.

Section 2.  Members must have an established USGA handicap before participating in:

WGA major tournaments

Creekside Golf Club major tournaments

Section 3.  Those establishing a handicap, and those with established handicaps, are eligible to participate and win prizes in:

Day’s play

WGA events

Section 4.  Most Improved Player

All qualifying rounds posted during the season from the handicap start date and an end date that’s prior to the closing date of posting scores will determine the Member with the highest improvement factor.

To be eligible, a Member must have”

  1. An established USGA Handicap and
  2. A minimum of twenty (20) eighteen (18)-hole rounds and/or combination of nine (9) holes to equal a total of twenty (20) eighteen (18)-hole rounds of golf.

Article 6 – Meetings

Section 1.  The WGA may schedule its activities March through October.

Section 2.  The WGA shall hold general membership meetings twice yearly or as deemed necessary.

  1. A meeting in the spring of the general membership shall be held to inform Members of upcoming events and to consider WGA business .
  2. A meeting in the fall of the general membership shall be held to announce the WGA Board, to award tournament and year-end prizes and to consider WGA business.

Section 3.  Monthly Meetings

The WGA Board may meet monthly as determined necessary by the President or WGA Board.

Section 4.  A transitional meeting will both incoming and outgoing Board members will be held within thirty (30) days after the fall meeting, or as mutually agreed between the presiding President and President-elect, at which time essential records will be transferred.

Section 5.  Special Meetings

  1. A special meeting may be called by:
  2. The President, or
  3. The WGA Board, or
  4. Written request to the President from at least 30 Members in good standing of the Association
  5. The President within 30 days of receiving instruction shall call for the special meeting.
  6. All notices of special meetings shall include a statement of the purpose for which such meeting is being called.  No other business may be transacted at a special meeting except that which is specified in the notice.
  7. Notices of special meetings shall be posted on the bulletin boards in the Creekside Golf Club at least 15 days in advance of the any membership meeting, notice of the time, date, place and purpose.

Article 7 – Quorums, Majority Vote and Voting Procedures

Section 1.  A quorum (the minimum number of Members of an organization needed or the valid transaction of business) shall be constituted by:

  1. A general membership or mail-in ballot quorum shall consist of no less than 20% of the general WGA membership.
  2. A WGA Board or special committee quorum shall be a majority of the WGA Board or special committee Members in attendance at Board or committee meetings.

Section 2.  Validating The Quorum

  1. The WGA shall verify the current list of members no more than 48 hours prior to a general membership meeting or scheduled ballot process to establish the number of Members needed for a quorum.
  2. At a general membership meeting, all attending Members must sign the official meeting registry or sign-in sheet.  The President will call for the meeting registry and validate the quorum prior to a vote.
  3. For mail-in or electronic balloting process, the number of timely returned ballots shall be used to validate the quorum.

Section 3.  Majority Vote

  1. Majority voting is subject to validation of a quorum.
  2. A majority vote is fifty percent (50%) plus one of the votes of the votes cast by eligible Members.
  3. A majority vote is needed to approve/pass WGA business, ballot and elections.  NOTE: A quorum is necessary to conduct a vote, however, the majority of the votes cast will determine the outcome.

Section 4.  General Membership Voting Procedure

  1. Motions may be made by the Board or general membership. Member may indicate her intention by raising he hand to be recognized by the Board.
  2. Voting on motions made by the Board or general membership may indicate “yes” or “no” by raising her hand when the question  is called.
  3. Balloting.
  4. Balloting may be conducted at a general membership  meeting, by mail or electronically at the discretion of the Board.
  5. Voting by ballot at general membership meetings:  The number of ballots issued must match the number of Members listed on the official meeting registry.  President shall call for the return of the ballots after a reasonable amount of time.   The number of ballots returned shall not exceed the number of Members listed on the official registry however, that number may be less than the number of Members listed.
  6. Mail-in Ballots
  7. Ballots must be consecutively and officially numbered.
  8. A 14-day return date will be allowed for the return of the votes. Votes will stay sealed in their envelopes until the next business day after the return date deadline.
  9. Electronic Ballots
  10. All Members will receive an email that will include instructions for the electronic voting method.
  11. Members are responsible to provide their email addresses to the WGA.
  12.   Any Member without an email address will receive instructions as to how they may participate in the balloting process.

Results will be posted in the WGA locker room and emailed to Members on the Creekside WGA email address list.

Article 8 – WGA Board

Section 1.  The WGA Board will be comprised of five (5) women in the following offices:


Vice President

Secretary/Historian Reporter

Event Coordinator


Section 2.  Also serving on the Board may be the immediate WGA past president (non-voting advisor and parliamentarian). The Creekside club general manager or head professional or designee may serve as ex-officio Members.

Section 3.  The WGA Board may present a Club Handbook at the membership meeting in the spring.

Section 4.  Members may submit nominations to the WGA Board by letter, email or personal conversation. Nominations must be received by July 31st. In August, the WGA Board shall act as or appoint a Nominating Committee to present a list of nominees as candidates for open positions on the Board. The names of the nominees shall be posted on the bulletin board of the Creekside Golf Club no later than September 1. These nominees shall be listed alphabetically for each open office.

Section 5. Board Members shall be elected in September by ballot. Ballots shall be either mailed or emailed to the Members no later than three weeks prior to the closing event/closing meeting of each year and must be returned on or before 5:0 pm on the Wednesday prior to the closing event/closing meeting. Promptly after the ballot deadline, the Nominating Committee shall serve as judges, to count the ballots and report the results of the election to the Association.  Only Members in good standing are entitled to vote for nominees. The candidates receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be elected. Board Members shall assume their duties at the end of the Fall general meeting and serve until duly elected successors take office.

Section 6.  The Vice President-elect shall fill a vacancy in the office of President automatically. If her term starts after August 1, she may hold her position the following year.

Section 7.  The WGA Board may appoint Members to special committees, including the Bylaws Committee and any Board vacancy, as deemed necessary. When the WGA Board makes an appointment to a Board vacancy, that position will be open for nominations pursuant to Section 4 for the subsequent season, except as specified in Section 6.

Section 8.  A WGA Board Member-elect, except the sitting President-elect, will have the right to serve in her current position without reelection two consecutive terms. A term of office shall run from November 1 to October 31.

Section 9.  The WGA Board may remove a Board Member by a unanimous vote of the entire Board, excluding the Board Member in question, if a Board Member.

  1. Fails to attend two consecutive Board meetings unless excused by the President or Board.
  2. Fails to conduct herself in a manner consistent with the purposes of and the best interests of the WGA.
  3. Materially breaches the By-Laws or the rules and regulations of the WGA.
  4. The Board will fill the vacancy pursuant to Article 8, Section 7.

Section 10. The President, Treasurer and Secretary shall have their signatures on the WGA checking account.  Disbursements of funds are subject to approval of the Board.

Article 9 – Duties of Officers

Section 1.  The President shall:

  1. Call a transitional meeting of the Board within thirty (30) days, or as mutually agreed between the presiding President and the President-elect, after the fall meeting.
  2. Preside at all WGA meetings
  3. Be an ex-officio Member of all committees including nominating committee
  4. Be the official representative to the Oregon Golf Association or appoint her representative
  5. Post notices of general membership meetings and the WGA Board meetings
  6. Post voting results in the WGA locker room and notify Members on the Creekside WGA email address list
  7. Maintain complete files of business and suggestions
  8. Serve on the Creekside Golf Club Advisory Board as the representative of the WGA
  9. Assume the role of Parliamentarian/Advisor on the Board following her term(s) in office
  10. Coordinate social events as directed by the WGA Board
  11. Transfer complete records to her successor

Section 2.  The Vice President shall:

  1. Assist the President in carrying out her duties
  2. Preside in the absence of the President
  3. Be the Membership Chair
  4. The Vice President or her appointee, shall preside over voting and select two (2) Members to assist in opening and counting ballots
  5. Maintain player statistics as directed by WGA Board
  6. If elected to the position of Vice President, assume the Presidency the following year
  7. Maintain engraving of applicable WGA trophies and plaques
  8. Serve on the Creekside Golf Club Advisory Board as the representative of the WGA

Section 3.  The Secretary/Historian shall:

  1. Keep accurate minutes of all WGA meetings
  2. Post an outline of the approved minutes
  3. Handle all correspondence as directed by the WGA Board
  4. Post notices of special meetings
  5. WGA Secretary shall submit to the President the current list of Members no more than 48 hours prior to a general membership meeting or scheduled ballot process to establish the number of Members needed for a quorum
  6. Maintain and update the Handbook as directed by the Board
  7. Maintain the membership roster and provide current membership totals to the President
  8. Prepare the article for the Creekside newsletter
  9. Coordinate any public relations activities as directed by the WGA Board
  10. Photograph events and maintain the photo albums as directed by the Board or select a designee to perform the duties
  11. Transfer complete records to her successor by November 1

Section  4.  The Treasurer shall:

  1. Be custodian of the operating funds
  2. Collect dues, fees, contributions and issue receipts
  3. Deposit funds in a bank approved by the WGA Board
  4. Disburse funds as authorized by the President and/or the WGA Board
  5. Present a financial report at every WGA meeting
  6. The Board may appoint two WGA Members not currently serving on the Board to review financial record
  7. Present and distribute a financial report to the membership at the spring and fall meetings or other membership meetings as directed by the WGA Board
  8. Transfer complete records to her successor by December 31

Section 5.  The Event Coordinator shall:

Coordinate and communicate WGA sponsored golf and social activities as determined by the WGA President or the Board to include the following:

  1. Opener/Closer Event:  Working with other Board and committee members (catering, room set up, tee prizes and centerpieces)
  2. Maintain all WGA bulletin boards
  3. Liaison with Creekside staff, as appropriate to carry out duties
  4. Report weekly scores to local paper
  5. Post results on bulletin boards
  6. Post signups for weekly golf
  7. Communicate with Captains to ensure supplies are available for special weekly games
  8. May work with others to plan social or special events, like bingo, during the off-season
  9. May work with the WGA Secretary on WGA handbook

Article 10 – Censure or Expulsion

Section 1.  Any Member of the WGA may be censured or expelled for good cause, including but not limited to: unsportsmanlike conduct vulgarity, violation of the rules, or any conduct which results in adverse reflection on the WGA.

Section 2.  The expulsion process will follow these guidelines:

  1. Member shall report the inappropriate conduct to the WGA Board by signed, written notice
  2. The Board will meet and take appropriate censorship action
  3. If the Board recommends expulsion it must be approved by 4/5 vote of the general membership quorum

Section 3. Upon expulsion, membership dues will not be refunded

Article 11 – Amendments

Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the current eligible Members in attendance or by the majority cast by mail-in or electronic ballot. Amendment proposals must first be submitted to the WGA Board, which will forward the to the Bylaws Committee and Creekside Golf Club management for review. The WGA Board must approve proposals and post then on the WGA bulletin board for at least four (4) weeks before a meeting or mailing.

Section 2.  It shall be the duty of the WGA Board and the Bylaws Committee to interpret the intent of the Bylaws. Requests for interpretation issues must be submitted to the WGA Board in writing.

Article 12 – Parliamentary Authority
For all purposes not consistent with these Bylaws, Roberts’ Rules of Order, Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority governing the WGA.