2017 STAR Award Recipient Maureen Smith

The prestigious STAR AWARD for an inspiring woman was awarded to Maureen Smith.


LPGA Pro Karrie Webb with Maureen Smith

She is professional, kind and has an excellent sportswoman demeanor. She is a natural teammate and coach.  She makes many selfless contributions through her role as WGA Board Event Coordinator for the past 10 years and yet still volunteers to help out at other club events when she has time. Most recently she just showed up to help at the Grace House BBQ Event and told me it turned out she was glad as they were short handed.

She is Coach of the Blanchet Girls Golf team. She plays in many events and is on the OGA Women’s Inter-club Match Play Team. She Captain’s the WGA 18 Hole Play on Thursdays.

She is extremely friendly and approachable. She teaches us all when we assist her in her crafts that she creates for golf events.

She volunteers for the USGA and most recently volunteered at the 2017 US Open in addition to LPGA events.

She is inspiring in how she is just an all around wonderful person. She easily meets all of the criteria for the STAR AWARD.  Thank you Maureen for all that you do and all that you are.

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