Golf fills me up

By Me

Golf fills me up

As I walk grass dew rolls over my shoes. I feel the golf bag nestled into my back a bit heavy before I settle in my stride. Birds tweet and dip, a frog burps, a train whistle blows in the distance. 

I arrive atop the hill at the first tee box sun behind. It’s nice how the architect spared my morning eyes. Off we go, my clubs, bag, ball and I. A good stroke and fair bounce down the middle. After another or two fairway strokes, my wedge comes out of the bag. It is oh the sweetest feeling club. 

“Ah, not too bad”. I pull the pin as gently as I can. I let it drop. I delight in the peacefulness of a solo morning round. My joy rises as my feet sense the spring in the green and the perfection of each blade manicured precisely right. I hear the tink-plunk of the ball in the cup.  I am grateful for this game.

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