WGA Board and Committees Nominees and Volunteers

We are coming to a close of the nomination weeks for future WGA board members. Thus far there have been very few responses and very few names submitted. Remember you can list your name or another’s as a board nominee or volunteer for helping without committing to being a board member. For the WGA to continue and not have all of our events run by the club we need some volunteers. The Board would like to expand and have more subcommittees of helpers.  If a job is not listed and you would like to create one or perhaps learn a job such as Bingo, Tues/Thurs games, or a be regular helper to set up for events please offer your name. It is not necessary to be available for all events. Also meetings can be scheduled for those who work to attend.
You can respond on paper by dropping handwritten response in WGA mailbox at club office, via email to creeksidewga@gmail.com or complete anonymous survey monkey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7M633DL 

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