Eclectic Score Cards

Eclectic cards are now available in the locker room. We were just testing to see if you could keep track of your score cards to enter information just a wee bit late. Starting date is April 22 and runs thru end of our WGA game season in September.

Here is how to score your Eclectic Card

Circle the first scores on the Eclectic Scorecard for each hole and thereafter only update it with the lowest score made on each hole. For example,

In Round 1, you score 6 on Hole #1, (Circle 6 on the scorecard).

In Round 2, you score a 7 on Hole #1, (DO NOT RECORD SCORE on scorecard)

In Round 3, you score a 5 on Hole #1, (Circle 5, DO NOT ERASE Round 1 score)

The lowest of the scores on the first hole is now a 5 in the above example, it becomes the eclectic score to circle. This process continues for each hole in every round that you post during the Eclectic Scorecard period. Note these are for rounds played in WGA events.

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