What’s this all about?

I am a duffer writing to share information about golfing at Creekside Golf Club in Salem Oregon, and as an instrument for the Women’s Golf Association at Creekside.  This is not an official site of the WGA nor of Creekside Golf Club.

Golf is such a unique sport that I want to welcome and excite as many women of all ages and abilities to come out and play. Fun, elation and frustration are but a few adjectives used to describe one’s experience with that small dimpled orb. Its a game of rules and etiquette and beauty. I particularly love the sweetness I feel with a well played stroke and the gentle swish through the grass. There is really nothing at all like it. Playing golf fills all of my senses.

One goal of this site it to connect women with golf and maybe get a few gals out to play with someone new to the course or new to the game or who might simply be a single person needing a playmate.


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